How to Get Started with Your Home Inspection Business

How to Get Started with Your Home Inspection Business

Job Profile of a Home Inspector:

jobprofileIf you are a home inspector, you need to examine both the exterior and interior aspects of a particular building including the existing condition of its roof, plumbing and electrical wiring. You should also look into its systems for insulation and ventilation. As an inspector for a home, make sure that you check all issues related with the environmental and safety of the home.


Once you have decided to establish yourself as a home inspector and set up such business of your own; you need to keep the following several steps in mind:


Abide by the state laws:

At the outset, you should find out what laws your State is concerning to permit you for a “home inspection licensing.” After getting lawful permission, you must comply with all ordinances mentioned in your license.

This is the point from where you can put all your business plans into practical action. Another very important thing to remember is that you need to get insurance for errors and omissions so that you can remain protected from the unseen problems occurring during your inspection process.


Get a business brand and website:

As this is an age of technological excellence, online visibility is considered the most convincing feature of your business. Put your efforts to create your business brand and an attractive website. If you are an individual home inspector, you should consider getting an engaging uniform along with a photo id clip. This will make customers feel more confident about your actions as well as your business. On the contrary, you may also display the ID badge of your photo on ribbon lanyards which will be imprinted along with the logo of your company.


Join a professional organization or go to an experienced home inspector or read up on other businesses:

To gain valuable experience and get acquainted with real success stories, you can go to a professional expert with years of experience or read up on various businesses which have had a proven track record of success in the industry. You can also join professional organizations like ASHI and NACHI that provides professional training, authentic mentoring services and valuable resources. In this way, your home inspection business earns a reliable affiliation to assure your potential customers of the security in using your services. Your close association with any one of such persons or organizations will help you learn from various experiences.

These are the first few steps for starting your own inspection company, and there are many more things that come by experience and practice. Good Luck!

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