Equipment for Energy Audits

Equipment for Energy Audits

An energy audit is a special survey for energy conservation. It is a process to estimate the overall utility of energy in a home or an industry for a certain period. Energy audits can play a vital role for energy expenses. It includes comprehensive lists of energy measures for a building or a commercial service. It also includes a financial measurement for each component in a home. For the most of the time, industrial energy audits can focus on the overall system at a time. It tells how to reduce energy costs without effecting outputs. It helps to find out the overall costs of energy in a year. It is possible to do energy audit at any time.

An Energy Efficiency Inspector uses various tools, some are given below:


  • Blower door
    It is also called whole-house infiltration test. During the test, energy inspectors check the air leakage through doors, walls, windows, ceilings, top floors and crawl spaces.
  • pic3

  • Infrared scanner
    It is essential to find out air leakage, moisture issues, insulation irregularities etc. It can identify the invisible troubles of your home leakage which can help you for immediate repair.
  • Gas leak detector
    Most of the energy auditors use gas leak detectors for finding out gas leakage of natural gas and propane in a home. Gas leakage can be the source of a great waste of energy if undetected. It can also create a potential fire hazard, and detecting these leaks early will greatly reduce the possibility of a dangerous accident.
  • pic4Carbon monoxide detector
    Carbon monoxide(CO) is very harmful and toxic for human body. An expert energy auditor checks the carbon monoxide levels during the period of audit. Usually a handheld device that detects the level of CO in the air.

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