Different Clients for Home Inspector’s

Different Clients for Home Inspector’s

In the Inspection industry, some would say that it is pretty cut and clear. Agents order inspections for houses, you do the inspection, get them the report, you get payed, and thats it. There are not too many steps to the business cycle process( there are many steps to performing the inspection, but the sale process is pretty simple), so many just fall into an apathetic cycle. What many inspectors don’t realize is that there are many markets out there for them to take advantage of. You don’t have to be stuck in this position, because there is so much room to grow. Lets go to Marketing 101 and do some segmentation:


Residential Inspections
Home_Inspection6173067This is where most inspectors start, and it is a great market. You have agents all over the place selling houses, making a huge segment of your business. There is a lot of potential because you can not only market to agents, but to buyers and sellers as well. People looking to get a home want to make sure that there are no underlying problems with the house so that they know they are making a good purchase. Also, a seller may want to get one done so that they can outline their properties value, ands possible change any problems. So don’t just advertise to agents, but reach out to those that are looking to make some type of real estate transaction.


Commercial Inspections
experienced-commercial-inspectionAgents that sale commercial real estate exclusively is another great market. Many of these deals are well over a million dollars each, so the inspection is extremely critical. For the same reasons as mentioned above, buyers and sellers of commercial real estate also look for inspections to be done on the property. But it is not only he ones directly involved that have a lot to gain or lose. An inspector who performs a commercial inspection will receive a substantial amount for the work they put in to a particular property.

So as an inspector, if you’ve never thought about growing, just look at the possibilities. This was only a few short comments, but there is so much potential out there in this huge market. Don’t think small, Dream Big.

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